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SS Irrigation specialises in the installation of efficient irrigation systems across a wide range of commercial and residential projects.

An efficient  irrigation system is essential to maintaining and enhancing a healthy landscape.

SS Irrigation can design, construct and install an irrigation system tailored to suit your needs and budget from the smallest of irrigation requirements to large scale commercial projects.

Water is a precious resource and today's irrigation companies are designing irrigation systems primarily with water conservation in mind. With continued advances in irrigation technology, SS Irrigation can supply and install irrigation systems that will protect your landscape investment while keeping water usage to a minimum.

We are here to give you the best advise on the correct irrigation system to suit your needs and your budget. From manual or automated drip irrigation and sprinkler systems, pumps and tanks, SS Irrigation can oversee your entire project from design to installation.

Residential Irrigation Systems

SS Irrigation will work with you to design and construct an irrigation system to suit your budget and landscaping needs, while saving you money on watering costs. Contact us to schedule an on-site inspection for your home today!

Commercial or Project Irrigation Systems  We specialise in small and large scale commercial irrigation systems. We can help you from design and construction phase of your project right through to the expert installation and commissioning. Email your design documents through to us and we can offer you expert advice and competitive pricing, or contact us to arrange an on-site inspection for your commercial project.

Maintenance for Irrigation Systems  Our team of experienced irrigation technicians are equipped to handle all aspects of irrigation maintenance and repair for both residential and commercial systems.

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